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CTEK MXS 5.0 Battery Charger
NZ$169.60 Ex VAT NZ$169.60 INC VAT
CTEK PRO25S Professional Battery Charger
NZ$517.46 Ex VAT NZ$517.46 INC VAT
CTEK MXS 3.8 Battery Charger
NZ$142.33 Ex VAT NZ$142.33 INC VAT
CTEK NJORD GO Portable EV Charger
NZ$1,647.83 Ex VAT NZ$1,647.83 INC VAT
CTEK MXS 7.0 Battery Charger
NZ$285.57 Ex VAT NZ$285.57 INC VAT
CTEK CS One Battery Charger And Conditioner
NZ$448.95 Ex VAT NZ$448.95 INC VAT
CTEK MXS 5.0 Battery Charger Carry Case Bundle
NZ$174.21 Ex VAT NZ$174.21 INC VAT
CTEK Comfort Connect
NZ$9.57 Ex VAT NZ$9.57 INC VAT
CTEK Comfort Connect - Cigarette Plug
NZ$20.50 Ex VAT NZ$20.50 INC VAT
CTEK Comfort Indicator - Panel
From NZ$47.11 Ex VAT From NZ$47.11 INC VAT
CTEK MXS 10 Battery Charger
NZ$354.59 Ex VAT NZ$354.59 INC VAT
CTEK Comfort Extension Cable 2.5m
NZ$31.53 Ex VAT NZ$31.53 INC VAT
CTEK Comfort Indicator - Eyelet
From NZ$20.48 Ex VAT From NZ$20.48 INC VAT
CTEK CT5 Stop/Start Battery Charger
NZ$197.05 Ex VAT NZ$197.05 INC VAT
CTEK Comfort Indicator
NZ$24.56 Ex VAT NZ$24.56 INC VAT
CTEK Comfort Connect - Cigarette Socket
NZ$21.07 Ex VAT NZ$21.07 INC VAT
CTEK CS Connect Adaptor Cable
NZ$16.56 Ex VAT NZ$16.56 INC VAT
CTEK Bumper Protector
NZ$27.63 Ex VAT NZ$27.63 INC VAT
CTEK Mounting Bracket
NZ$28.74 Ex VAT NZ$28.74 INC VAT
CTEK EV Charging Cable
From NZ$541.45 Ex VAT From NZ$541.45 INC VAT
CTEK XS 0.8 Battery Maintenance Charger
NZ$90.24 Ex VAT NZ$90.24 INC VAT
CTEK Lithium XS Battery Charger
NZ$243.36 Ex VAT NZ$243.36 INC VAT
Showing 23 of 23 items

Batteries are a prominent part of modern motoring, powering all kinds of key parts and components as well as helping to fire up the engine that gets you going. CTEK is a brand that specialises in developing new, efficient and effective battery charging products and technologies that help to maximise the performance and life of the battery on your car or motorcycle. Investing heavily in research and development, as you would expect from a company built around technology, CTEK continue to push on towards new and more exciting products that remain focussed on and around their core product range and company values. From batteries used in workshops, sheds and garages to battery chargers and those found beneath the bonnet; CTEK battery chargers are now global leaders in the field with products including the CTEX MXS 10 battery charger one of their most prominent and effective products available today.