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DMS Anderson Jack Plug Adaptor
NZ$83.29 Ex VAT NZ$83.29 INC VAT
DMS Lithium Battery Charger - 6 Amp
NZ$256.25 Ex VAT NZ$256.25 INC VAT
DMS Lithium Battery Charger - 2 Amp
NZ$169.29 Ex VAT NZ$169.29 INC VAT
DMS Three Stage 8 Amp Battery Charger
NZ$239.17 Ex VAT NZ$239.17 INC VAT
DMS Three Stage 2 Amp Battery Charger
NZ$215.25 Ex VAT NZ$215.25 INC VAT
Showing 5 of 5 items

As a leading supplier of DC power systems, batteries and more automotive electrical systems and devices; DMS Technologies are widely viewed as one of the most trustworthy providers in the UK. Based on the south coast in Romsey, Hampshire, DMS Technologies seek to meet the ever changing demands of their motorsport customers with the latest innovations, ensuring that their batteries, battery chargers and power systems surpass all expectations and perform better than any other model available. A big aim, but one the brand continues to achieve, DMS Technologies have designed and developed countless custom-made solutions for customers since they first opened their doors in 1986 and continue to use the latest technology to develop and expand their product offering for motorsport and performance customers around the world.