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Foldit Collapsible Cart
NZ$658.11 Ex VAT NZ$658.11 INC VAT
Foldit Additional Rear Gate For Collapsible Cart
From NZ$57.30 Ex VAT From NZ$57.30 INC VAT
Foldit Bicycle Tow Hitch For Collapsible Cart
NZ$139.71 Ex VAT NZ$139.71 INC VAT
Foldit Tow Hitch For Collapsible Cart
NZ$104.94 Ex VAT NZ$104.94 INC VAT
Showing 5 of 5 items

Manufactured in America by the Tipke Manufacturing company, the Foldit cart is machined from high quality sheet metals resulting in a lightweight but incredibly strong cart capable of transporting as much as 150kg. Not only is it a strong cart, the Foldit cart is completely collapsible making it easy to store when not in use; perfect for working in and around a garage or workshop where equipment can be moved in for the race meeting and the Foldit collapsible cart stored away ready for home time. Ideal for carrying everything from tools and fuel cans to starter batteries for high performance racing motorcycles, the Foldit cart is the choice of many professional race teams around the world because of its quality and practicality.