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Howard Leight

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Howard Leight Laser-Lite Ear Plugs
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Howard Leight Max-Lite Ear Plugs
NZ$0.84 Ex VAT NZ$0.84 INC VAT
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Earplugs and ear defenders are a great and highly effective way of protecting your ears against the effects of loud noises in and around a garage environment or when you're out on a motorcycle. Whether you're a racer, a casual rider or a mechanic you are frequently exposed to loud noises from engines and tools which can have a real impact on the quality of your hearing over a prolonged period. Working day in, day out with hand tools or riding your motorcycle for mile after mile can leave you with some serious damage to your hearing but experts like Howard Leight have developed a range of earplugs to block out some - but not all - of the noise so you can still hear your engine and those around you, only without the long-lasting effects. Howard Leight earplugs are used throughout the automotive industry by drivers, riders and mechanics with different sizes available. A pair of Howard Leight earplugs can be moulded to the shape of your ears to ensure they're comfortable and don't impact on your comfort on the bike; representing a cost-effective and highly effective way to protect your ears.