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Magnum Competition Tank Guard
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When you go off road or tackle any kind of loose terrain it can play havoc with the under-side of your car. Gravel, tree roots, large stones and generally uneven surfaces can all hammer away at the components you don't always get to see until they cause such substantial damage that you're out of the stage or left waiting for someone to arrive to take you home on the back of a truck! Magnum tank guards have been designed to ensure that the chances of this happening are minimised. Using the latest and strongest materials available, Magnum tank guards are fitted to the under-side of the fuel and oil tank to provide an extra layer of protection ensuring that your vital fluids don't escape from the tank because a rock or root was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Easy to fit and going completely unnoticed, a Magnum tank guard is the kind of application that goes under the radar but can have a positive impact in the long-term.