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Micro Dynamics

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Micro Dynamics Rev Master
From NZ$287.00 Ex VAT From NZ$287.00 INC VAT
Micro Dynamics RL3 Rev Limiter
NZ$246.00 Ex VAT NZ$246.00 INC VAT
Micro Dynamics Megaspark 2 High Energy Coil
NZ$82.00 Ex VAT NZ$82.00 INC VAT
Micro Dynamics Ballast Resistor
NZ$18.45 Ex VAT NZ$18.45 INC VAT
Micro Dynamics Shift Light
NZ$287.00 Ex VAT NZ$287.00 INC VAT
Micro Dynamics Adjustable Boost Switch
NZ$125.05 Ex VAT NZ$125.05 INC VAT
Micro Dynamics Swift Shift
From NZ$369.00 Ex VAT From NZ$369.00 INC VAT
Micro Dynamics Super Shift
NZ$328.00 Ex VAT NZ$328.00 INC VAT
Showing 8 of 8 items

With motorsport putting extreme strain on your engine and gearbox, it's important to have the right parts in place to help keep everything functioning safely. There's nothing more frustrating than going through all your preparations for a race weekend and having the engine blow up in the first few laps. But with Micro Dynamics racing parts, you can find exactly what you need to minimise this risk and protect your engine. A Micro Dynamics digital rev limiter, for example, protects your engine against the potential impact of over-revving, while the range of Micro Dynamics shift lights provide a visual indicator telling you the optimum time to shift up or down through the gears without affecting your speed or position on track when you miss a gear or leave it too late. With a full range of specialist racing parts available to suit a number of tuned engines and compatible with electronic ignition systems like those from Luminition, Micro Dynamics is the name to trust when it comes to protecting your engine or gearbox and enhancing performance.