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Newbow Professional Tyre Pressure Gauge
NZ$398.21 Ex VAT NZ$398.21 INC VAT
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Originating as an aerospace equipment supplier, Newbow produce a wide range of ground support equipment that helps to get planes off the ground and into the air as safely as possible. As part of their product range are a collection of tyre pressure gauges which can also be used in motoring to help monitor tyre pressures so that you've got the clearest and most accurate pressure levels. Understanding tyre pressure is vital to your car's performance, allowing you to keep fuel efficiency high and maintain the levels of driving performance you expect. Low tyre pressures can affect acceleration as well as tyre wear meaning they wear out far quicker than they should. With Newbow tyre pressure gauges you can take the aerospace engineering and take it into your own garage to help keep an eye on tyre pressures so your tyres - and car - perform perfectly every time.