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Pingi Moisture Killer
NZ$16.95 Ex VAT NZ$16.95 INC VAT
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When moisture gets inside your car it can have a significant impact on the look, feel and smell of your interior. You can end up with signs of mould on your cloth interior, your vision obscured by window fogging and the overbearing smell of dampness can get worse and worse until it becomes unbearable to sit inside your car. Common causes of moisture build-up include gaps in the panels and even rust holes that allow the dampness to penetrate, but car dehumidifiers from Pingi can help to remove any signs of build-up for a fresh and dry interior. Specialists in car care and cleaning products, Pingi have been around since 2006 with their car dehumidifiers absorbing all signs of moisture so that they can't affect your car's interior or windows. Whether you're experiencing issues already or taking action to prevent it happening in the future, a Pingi car dehumidifier is a wise investment for anyone taking their car care seriously.