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Trackace Laser Wheel Alignment Gauge
NZ$148.05 Ex VAT NZ$148.05 INC VAT
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Tracking plays a major role in the overall performance of a car. Ensuring that the handling and steering are perfectly setup is obviously essential from the perspective of where you're looking to go on the road or track, but it also plays a key role in tyre wear. If your wheels aren't all pointing in the same direction, not only are you forced to compensate by turning the steering wheel more frequently rather than pointing dead ahead; you're also potentially faced by one tyre wearing faster than the others as it's constantly on the edge of the rubber rather than the centre - then, of course, this has a knock-on effect on performance in the wet and braking. Laser wheel alignment is the perfect way of setting up the car, ensuring that the wheels are all pointing in exactly the same direction to the millimetre. Trackace laser wheel alignment gauges have been developed to ensure exactly that, giving drivers of road and track cars perfectly aligned wheels for improved steering, handling, braking and tyre wear. A relatively inexpensive investment on the face of things, a Trackace wheel alignment gauge can save hundreds - if not thousands - in bills and on precious time in the pits by reducing the strain on your brakes and tyres.