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When you're replacing or adapting a motorcycle chain you have two options - remove the old one completely and replace it with a brand new chain, or to use a chain breaking tool to shorten or lengthen your chain. If you find your chain constantly coming away then it might be because it's too long, in which case a chain breaking tool can be just what you need. Doing as the name suggests, the tool breaks the current chain structure and allows you to remove the pin and the linkages you no longer need. The one issue you may encounter here is that chains start to give as they get older, so you should never go too short. Whale Brand motorcycle chain tools are available as specialist chain breakers, and also as two-in-one motorcycle chain tools that double up as chain breaker and rivet tools that allow you to put the rivets back in place for a secure completion to the job that will allow the chain to run smoothly and reliably for years to come.