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Wolverine Heaters

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Wolverine Heaters Engine Oil Pre Heater
From NZ$166.93 Ex VAT From NZ$166.93 INC VAT
Wolverine Heaters Battery Heater
NZ$254.79 Ex VAT NZ$254.79 INC VAT
Wolverine Heaters Oil / Diesel Filter Heater
From NZ$285.52 Ex VAT From NZ$285.52 INC VAT
Showing 3 of 3 items

Now part of Phillips & Temro Industries, Wolverine Heaters designed a range of silicone pad heaters which pre-heat engine oil prior to starting the engine, producing obvious results in terms of reducing engine wear over time. On cold mornings engines are forced to work harder to tick over and fire into life (a bit like ourselves, really), and these adhesive heaters pads can be fixed to the sump pan to bring the engine oil nearer to full operating temperature meaning less strain on the starter motor and battery. In addition to heating the oil, Wolverine Heaters can also be used on metallic components such as gear boxes, hydraulic tanks and batteries for more reliable starting in cold weather.