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Within the braking system, a key component is the brake pads. Also known as friction material, the pads themselves play a major part in how well the car performs under braking. Unlike their standard road going equivalents, motorsport brake pads are designed to withstand the higher temperatures and wear rates that occur in the heat of competition. 

Our range of brake pads include upgraded pads for original vehicle calipers as well as racing specific calipers, all of which are available in a range of compounds, each with their own unique properties and benefits. So, whether you are competing over short sprints or long distance endurance events there is sure to be a compound of brake pad to suit your needs. Brake pads that are designed for short distance events typically offer a high level of friction but don’t last as long as those designed for endurance races. Endurance pads also tend to be able to operate better at higher temperatures and are better at maintaining life in the discs.

As these brake pads have been designed for use in competition, they may not be suitable for use on the road. If you are looking for brake pads for your road car, you may want to head over to brake pads section of our Performance department.