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In a braking system, the role of a master cylinder is to convert the pressure applied by the driver via the brake pedal into hydraulic pressure within the brake lines. This pressure is then transferred through the lines to the calipers which activates the movement of the brake pads onto the discs. In order to provide enough fluid for the master cylinder to operate without the ingress of air into the system, each master cylinder requires a fluid reservoir.

For motorsport applications, master cylinders can be supplied with either an integral fluid reservoir that is encased within the unit, or as a remote reservoir style which allows the brake fluid reservoir to be mounted elsewhere if the application has restricted space or there is the need for mounting a larger reservoir.

Master cylinders are available in a choice of bore sizes which can alter the amount of braking force and fluid displacement which are applied when the brake pedal is pressed. This is not only important for providing sufficient pressure through the braking system to obtain the optimum braking performance from the installed hardware, but can also have an impact on the feel of the brake pedal for the driver.

All other essential braking system components such as brake lines and fittings as well as brake fluid can all be found within the Fluids & Actuation section of the braking area.