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This is the place to be if you are looking to prepare a car for all forms of motorsport. When converting a standard road car into a racing car, there are certain alterations which are either required by championship regulations or are considered to be an essential item.

Here you will find a range of the most important safety equipment such as roll cages, fire extinguishers, seats and harnesses. All of these categories feature high quality motorsport products from the best brands, providing you with the very best safety equipment available.

If you are looking to put the finishing touches to your car, this is also where you will find products such as bonnet pins, mirrors and tow straps from the likes of B-G Racing, GRP4 Fabrications and our own range of Demon Tweeks racing equipment. While those who are looking to control heat issues can find heat shielding and protection products within these pages as well as cockpit ventilation products to help keep the driver cool.

If your car is all prepared and ready for the track, you can also make those final setup adjustments with our range of chassis set up equipment. Be fully prepared, with our comprehensive range of car preparation products.