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Not all race cars feature customisable pedal boxes, particularly those which have been built from a standard road car. As a result, the standard pedals found in road cars are not always ideally positioned or set up for use in competition. This is where pedal extensions come in and offer a degree of customisation while retaining the original pedals.

As most pedal extensions are universally drilled, they are able to be positioned according to the drivers’ requirements. More often than not, a driver will want to have the brake and throttle pedal closer together to aid heel and toe downshifting. Some pedal extensions are pre-shaped to offer better reach and positioning as well as being pre-curved to better fit the natural shape of most pedals. They also provide an improved pedal feel and grip for better control, which can lead to lower lap or stage times.

Aside from pedal extensions, this page features a selection of foot rests for both driver and co-driver. Particularly useful in rallying, a foot rest gives the co-driver something to brace themselves against so that they can focus on their pace notes and keep themselves stable in the seat. Likewise, the driver’s footrest helps to support themselves in the seat while cornering.

If you are looking for complete pedal boxes, be sure to check out the specific pedal box page under the braking section of the Motorsport department.