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Over a period of time brake dust and dirt can make their way onto and into various parts of your car including the wheels, brakes themselves and even the engine. If you take great pride in the look of your car, and want to ensure that the parts are as strong as they can possibly be, be sure to invest in brake and engine cleaning products capable of stripping away the dirt and leaving both a clean and strong part capable of functioning effectively.

At Demon Tweeks our range of brake and engine cleaners are suitable for both competition engines and performance engines, and can quickly remove the oil, grease and dirt that may have built up. Using a brake cleaner like those made by WD-40, Wurth, Muc-off and Holts on your brake discs, pads, calipers and other key brake parts can reduce brake squeal and leave you with a strong set of brakes that'll slow you for the corners and bring you to a safe stop out on the road, too.

Similarly, our range of engine cleaners, degreasers and flushes from brands such as Tech Cote will leave you with a clean engine bay free from dust, dirt, grease and oil.