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From changing a flat at home to lifting the car off the ground to make race-day adjustments, our range of car jacks make it easier - and safer - to perform vital tasks and upgrades on your car. Available in different forms from traditional scissor jacks used to change a tyre by the side of the road for years to more modern trolley jacks similar to the style used by Formula One and professional race teams; these lightweight but immensely strong car jacks make it safer than ever to work on your car without the risk of it dropping.

Easy to move into place and to secure underneath the car, all of our car jacks are great for using in and around the paddock because of their practicality and reliability. Made by leading brands including Sealey, Gojak and BG Racing; you can make changing a wheel or working beneath the car safer than ever before with the assistance of our bottle jacks, trolley jacks and even vehicle jacks that allow you to move the whole car when seized or damaged.