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Paddock Trolleys

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Showing 24 of 33 items

With a lot of equipment to move around over the course of a race meeting or weekend, anything that you can utilise to make life easier is a bonus. Motorsport is an industry where there are a lot of tools, parts and equipment that need to be taken from the car park to the garages - even out onto the grid prior to racing - and paddock trolleys can help to make the process much less strenuous! Spare tyres need moving into the pits, racing fluids need to be put somewhere safe and accessible, then there are all of the essential tools you need to get to work on the car or bike - all heavy stuff that can't really be moved manually. Fortunately, a lot of companies have provided solutions in the form of battery trolleys, wheel trolleys, tyre trolleys and carts that you can fill up and either pull or tow into the garage. All of our sack trolleys, collapsible carts and wheel trolleys are easy to use and easy to store when not in use, meaning they don't end up cluttering the already cramped garage during the racing.