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When in an event, the temperature inside the car can quickly rise to high, sometimes uncomfortable, levels. This can cause some trouble for the driver as, not only do high temperatures present potential health risks, they can also affect concentration levels and, as a result, affect overall driver performance.

There are a number of ways that you can combat this unwanted heat inside the car. The first is to increase the cooling capability by installing vents or inline blowers to channel cool air towards the driver or co-driver. Vents can either be installed onto the roof of the car or as part of a polycarbonate window kit. The air which is captured from these vents can then be directed onto the drivers using a length of ducting hose.

For a more direct source of cooling, there are products which a driver can wear to help keep the overall body temperature down. These wearable items include cooling shirts which pump cold liquid through a radiator style tubing system which is built into the garment. This ensures that the driver is kept at a more comfortable temperature while driving without increase in drag caused by vents. Other cooling items include race underwear which have are constructed from highly breathable materials.

For other products which are designed to look after the driver’s health and improve performance in competition, be sure to check out the driver health section of our motorsport department.