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As you only have one head, it makes sense to protect it. This is why a helmet is a crucial part of any racing drivers’ equipment. Designed to protect the drivers head from impacts, a race helmet has changed considerably over the years. With the advent of carbon fibre and improvements in manufacturing, motorsport helmets have become stronger and safer, with the current safety homologation being far in advance from what would be used during the early days of motor racing.

Choosing a helmet depends on various factors including; the form of motorsport that you are involved in, the car that you will be competing in and the homologation required for your chosen championship. For example, in rallying you may be required to use an intercom system. As such, some helmets are supplied with integrated communication systems. Helmets are also available in open face for rallying or saloon cars and full face construction for use in single seaters.

Helmets which are certified for use in motorsport competition carry an FIA or Snell approval, however for certain championships, an FIA 8860 approval may be required. This is the highest of the current standards available and features a strong and ultra-light carbon fibre shell with Arai, Bell, Sparco and Stilo all at the forefront and offering some of the best and safest helmets around.

If you are looking for a helmet for Karting, head over to our specific Karting section for a more complete range. Or if you require a helmet for riding a motorcycle, check out the selection in our motorcycle department.