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Being correctly supported while sat in your race car will not only provide you with the best possible protection when you need it the most, it will also allow you to sit comfortably and focus better on your driving, making your choice of racing seat a vitally important decision.

As a racer you want to be able to move freely enough that you can operate the controls while also being held comfortably in the racing seat by a harness to give you the safety and support you need to prevent injury in the event of a crash. Racing seats are designed to provide support for the whole body, from the lower back and ribs to the shoulders, head and neck. They're also designed to work with a range of racing harnesses so that you can complete the perfect racing setup inside just about any car.
Here at Demon Tweeks we stock a wide range of FIA-approved racing seats and mounting accessories for professional and amateur racers, including specifically developed bucket seats for use out on track and the all-important accessories like mounting frames and seat kits that help to secure them in place and keep them looking their best. Our racing seats have been developed by some of the biggest names in motorsport including Cobra, Sparco, OMP, Tillett and Recaro; with each model tested out on track to ensure that they're as comfortable and supportive as possible for you to give it your all from the moment the lights go out until you reach the chequered flag.