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Strut braces are used as a method of increasing chassis rigidity, with the most common type attaching to the front strut tops and reaching over the top of the engine. There are also lower strut braces available which usually attach to the front suspension arms and run underneath the engine and gearbox.

Most competition cars are based on a road car. As such they tend to require some modifications to improve the handling for use on the track or stage. One such way to do this is to make the chassis stiffer, reducing the change in suspension geometry whilst cornering. Despite being made of high strength materials, there is always an element of flex due to the weight of the car and the effects of G-force. This can result in an element of deflection between the strut mounts which impacts on how the suspension components interact with the road surface.

With a strut brace fitted, there will be a noticeable difference in the feel of the front end of the car including an increase in responsiveness when turning in to a corner.

A strut brace won’t, however, reduce the body roll of a car, for this you will need to upgrade the anti-roll bar. Have a look at our separate anti-roll bar section of the Motorsport department under the heading of Suspension.