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The suspension on a competition car plays a large role in the overall handling characteristics of the car and is made up of various components. A competition suspension kit, also known as a coilover kit, offers the user the most comprehensive range of tuning options for finding the correct balance of the car.

Combining a motorsport designed shock absorber and competition spring, coilovers provide adjustment options such as ride height as well as bump and rebound damping adjustments. This provides the opportunity to make fine adjustments to how weight is transferred during acceleration, braking and turning by adjusting the stiffness of the damper. It also provides the ability to tailor the damper performance depending on the competition environment, softer for gravel and off-road competition, or stiffer for tarmac applications.

Not only are competition suspension kits important for finding the best setup for the car, they are also built to withstand the harsh demands of the motorsport environment. Kerb strikes and bumps, taken at high speeds, put a lot of energy through a suspension system which would damage a conventional road damper. This is why a coilover kit features reinforced components for use in motorsport so that a suspension failure doesn’t occur.

As these competition suspension kits are designed for motorsport use, they may not be suitable for everyday road use. If you are looking for suspension for a road car, why not pay our Performance department a visit?