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Exhaust Back Boxes

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The original exhausts on most cars now are designed to keep things quiet and discreet. Ever stricter noise regulations and a trend towards quieter, plusher sound and comfort standards now mean that the average car is quieter than ever. Replacing your original back-box with a sportier sounding performance exhaust back-box from Akrapovic, Cobra Sports or Scorpion is a great antidote to this.

The original back-box will have been a compromise tilted towards quietness but an aftermarket performance back-box can be set-up for any sound the manufacturer desires. Each manufacturer has their own signature sound that they tend to go for. These range from a louder, sportier sound through to brands that specialise in quiet and refined exhausts. In almost all cases, the back-box will have been carefully tuned not to drone or blare at low-revs.

A back-box also upgrades the looks of your car too. Replacing your tired looking factory tailpipes with shiny stainless steel exhaust from Piper or Remus, or a sleek high-tech looking carbon fibre exhaust is almost as good as getting a whole new car.