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Being one of the main driver inputs in a car, a steering wheel plays an important role in how the driver controls the car. However, there is more to a motorsport steering wheel than simply turning the car around corners.

Motorsport steering wheels are available in a range of different sizes and grip material types. The optimal steering wheel size varies depending on the application. Single seater race cars typically demand a smaller diameter wheel due to the tighter cockpit constraints. Saloon or GT cars tend to feature a larger diameter wheel, although the size of the steering wheel will depend on whether the vehicle is fitted with power steering or not. For vehicles without power steering, a larger diameter steering wheel will effectively lighten the steering load required to turn the wheel.

Some steering wheels are available in a choice of different grip materials including suede, leather, wood and polyurethane. Suede wheels tend to offer the most grip, while leather and wood are more durable and will remain in good condition for a longer length of time.

Further options available include different dish types such as flat, semi and full which can bring the wheel closer to the driver allowing for easier quick inputs along with differing fixing methods including 6 bolt and 3 bolt PCDs or an undrilled wheel.

If you are looking for a steering wheel for road use, head on over to our Performance department for a full range of road tuning style steering wheels.