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The differential on a vehicles transmission system is responsible for distributing the power from the engine to the driven wheels. A standard “open” differential equally distributes the torque between the two wheels on the axle while travelling in a straight line. If a wheel hits a loses grip, the open diff sends the power to the wheel with the least resistance, leaving the wheel with the grip with less torque being transferred.

In contrast, a limited slip differential works in the opposite way. When one wheel loses grip, the torque is sent to the wheel with the grip. The end result is increased traction and better power delivery which ultimately reduces lap or stage times. This distribution of power is automatically handled by the differential and is driven through helical style gearing which also acts as an additional element to the final drive of the transmission.

As the limited slip differentials that can be found on this page are all offered as a direct replacement for original equipment, they offer a straightforward way of enhancing the performance of your competition car.

If you are looking to upgrade other areas of the transmission such as clutches, flywheels or other gearbox components, be sure to have a look at the other areas of our Drivetrain and Transmission section. As these products are primarily designed for competition use, they may not be suitable for the road. For more suitable products for the road, check out the Clutches section of our Performance department.