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Breather filters are small versions of the induction kits for the main air intake. They are designed to attach to the rocker cover on an engine via a ventilation tube. The airflow through the crankcase removes the gases which are formed as a by-product of the combustion process. The role of the breather filter is to prevent these contaminated vapours from re-entering the engine.

The process of removing the contaminated vapours from the engine helps to ensure a better optimised combustion process as well as managing the crankcase pressure. Featured on this page are a selection of breather filters from leading manufacturers and feature a variety of filter materials. These include foam, crushed aluminium and the traditional cotton type and feature the same high flow properties as their induction kit equivalents.

Having a performance breather filter fitted to the car will help to remove some of the pressure that builds up during combustion which can force passed the piston rings. This pressure can have the negative effects such as reducing the efficiency of the oil control rings which will increase oil consumption, help to reduce sludge build up, prevent engine start and idling issues caused by a poor air/fuel mixture and help to reduce engine wear.

If you are looking for air filters for your engine intake system, be sure to check out the other categories of our air filter section including induction systems, universal clamp on filters and filter socks.