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Sometimes the fuel we buy from the pump needs a little helping hand. Whether you buy regular or premium grade fuels, competition or classic engines often benefit, or even demand, certain types of additives to be mixed into the fuel to maximise its potential.

Highly tuned competition engines tend to run at a higher compression ratio, sometimes with a slightly advanced timing system. In order to prevent “knock”, a higher octane rating is required and this can be achieved by using octane boosters which can raise the octane rating by up to 10 RON depending on the product and the mixture.

Older vehicles require a different kind of fuel additive to be able to run to the best of their ability. Leaded fuel used to be the method of choice for protecting these older engines from detonation, however, as this is no longer sold at the pump lead substitutes are available to add into the fuel for use in these older engines - and for both diesel and petrol models, too.

Specialist fuel additives for diesel, ethanol and alcohol are also available to both improve performance and maintain stable and clean running engines helping them to run more efficiently and to extend their lifespan.