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When in the heat of competition, every second counts. If a race includes the need to change tyres part way through, this can be a critical moment in deciding the finishing order due to the amount of time that can be lost. The conventional method of changing wheels and tyres on a car via the use of either a trolley or a scissor jack is not usually the quickest and can lead to a safety issue, which is where air jacks step in.

The jacks themselves are mounted directly to the car and are activated by connecting a feed of high pressure compressed air to the air jack system. This fires the four on-board rams and raises the car into the air, allowing the mechanics to quickly and easily change the wheels or perform essential maintenance work underneath the body of the car. Once the work is completed, the air supply is removed and the car drops to the floor, ready to head out of pit lane.

Here you'll find a wide range of quality air jacks, all used by professional and amateur racing teams, and we also stock a collection of air jack accessories ranging from pressure regulators to compressed air bottles themselves and bottle trolleys to transport them around the paddock and into the garages.