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Used to collect and display real-time telemetry to help amateur and professional racers improve out on the track and build a consistent pattern of laps, our lap timers can make all the difference when it comes to your starting position for the next race. Displaying everything from your current lap time, or even predicted lap time, along with your speed and gear; our range of GPS lap timers collect and display the data inside the car for the driver to analyse and use to their advantage.

Back in the pits this data can be analysed and used to put together the perfect lap, identifying where improvements are needed by using the lap timer to paint a picture of performance through each sector on the track so the driver can brake later or get on the gas sooner the next time they head out. Compatible with a wide range of makes and models of track cars, our lap timers are used by professional and amateur racing teams across a wide range of championships because of their accuracy and reliability, and can make the difference to you, too.