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As a mechanic, ones of the hazards of the job is getting covered in oil and other fluids from around the garage. Some of these are potentially harmful to the skin, and even flammable, meaning it's vitally important to wear a good quality set of mechanics overalls designed to provide full-body protection for you and your clothing.

Oil is notoriously difficult to get off your skin, and out of your clothes, but a set of coveralls will give you complete protection from the shoulders down to your toes. With the risk of fire always present with so many fuels and flammable materials in a garage, pit or paddock it's important to have a pair of FIA approved, flame resistant mechanics overalls to protect you, which is exactly what you can buy here. Available in various styles and colours, our mechanics overalls and aprons come with large, accessible pockets for you to store your tools when not in use with many coming with padded knee inserts to give you support when working at ground level.