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Racing boots are a mandatory requirement for circuit racing and are strongly advised for use in all other forms of motorsport. This is because racing boots feature a layer of fire retardant Nomex material to provide the driver with an essential level of protection.

Aside from providing important safety protection, a quality set of racing boots from Alpinestars, OMP or Sparco helps to provide a good feel on the pedals due to thin and flexible soles. This is important when trying to maintain a level of consistency with pedal inputs allowing the driver to maximise every braking point and apply the throttle in a progressive manner.

Available in either suede or leather, most racing boots feature a reinforced section on the outside of the toes to help reduce the wear when heal and toe is being applied. There are also some racing boots which feature a Velcro strap on the ankle to offer additional support.

Also available are a selection of accessories including waterproof overshoes for use around the paddock or service park for when the weather sets in. These help to keep the soles of your shoes dry and ensure that the best level of grip in maintained on the pedals. They also help to keep your boots in the best possible condition.