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Every driver wants a better handling competition car. One way to achieve this is to install an upgraded suspension set up. A vehicles suspension system plays a vital role in how the car reacts to direction change and weight transfer. This, in turn, affects how the car handles through the corners and under accelerating and braking.

In general, competition suspension is designed to be stiffer than that found on a regular road car. However, obtaining the correct amount of stiffness depends on the individual circuit or stage and the cars handling characteristics. Therefore, the majority of competition suspension systems offer a degree of tuning in order to obtain the very best setup possible for optimum performance.

Included in our range of motorsport suspension systems are competition dampers, individual springs in a range of rates, lengths and diameters to suit your requirements, strut braces, bushes and more. We also offer a range of steering components such as rod ends, quick racks and electronic power steering systems.