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On standard passenger vehicles, the steering inputs from the driver turning the steering wheel are transferred down through the steering column to a pinion gear which operates on a toothed rod known as the steering rack. This acts through the track rods to push the wheels left and right according to the input.

A road car steering rack is designed to make the car inputs as smooth as possible without making the steering overly sensitive. In a competition car, however, it is sometimes required to have a more direct feel from the steering. That is why the rack and pinion kits found on this page feature a higher steering ratio than a standard steering rack which means that less steering input is required to move from lock to lock. This gives a more positive feel from the steering and allows for quicker reactions, making oversteer much more manageable and reduces the chances of losing track of where the centre position of the wheel is.

If you are looking for a competition steering wheel to improve the feel of your steering inputs, have a look at our specific steering wheel section of our motorsport department.