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A major component in vehicle suspension systems, springs work in conjunction with the dampers to try and maintain constant contact between the tyre and the road through a variety of road conditions such as bumps or camber. Achieving that contact with the road is essential to making the most of the grip that the tyres are able to provide, however there are more variables that the spring has to deal with.

Springs are not just designed to help absorbs bumps, they play a pivotal role in controlling weight transfer both laterally and longitudinally. As a result, springs are available in a range of spring rates and free lengths to suit each vehicles requirement. The spring rates effectively determine the stiffness of the spring, with a higher rating being the firmer option. When combined with the free length, you are able to set the amount of travel that is available which, in turn, affects how the weight is distributed under load. A range of internal spring diameters are available to suit various types of competition coilovers.

As these springs are designed for competition use, they are not ideally suited for the road. If you are looking for performance springs for road cars, then these can be found over in our performance suspension department.