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If your standard, factory fitted brake pads just aren’t cutting the mustard then it’s time to consider a new set of performance brake pads. Designed to offer improved stopping power and greater efficiency than OE brakes, performance brake pads from the likes of EBC Brakes, Ferodo and Brembo can make a huge difference in braking time which is crucial in a high performance car on the road or circuit.

Made from stronger, more durable and robust materials than standard parts; each set of performance brake pads represents a significant upgrade on anything that’s gone before. After upgrading your tyres and getting to work on the power from your engine, it’s important to make upgrades to your brakes, too, enabling the car to cope with the increased power output and to bring your wheels to a safe speed or a complete stop. With a wide range of Black Diamond and more performance brake pads to choose from; you’re sure to find the answer to your braking woes here.