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A Turbo-Back Exhaust System replaces the entire factory exhaust from the turbo back. This means that you’re replacing almost the entire exhaust with uprated, better flowing pipework. This includes the vitally important downpipe section of the exhaust.

Because this section sits directly behind the turbo and generally includes the original catalytic converters, replacing it often offers the greatest performance enhancements.

With either a less restrictive sports-cat or a straight through de-cat section, and bigger bore pipework flow-rate will go up and back-pressure will go down. This enables the engine to come on boost sooner and boost harder. Replacing the whole system ensures that power gains from one section are not stifled by another. As the exhaust system has been designed from front to back to work together the gains are always greatest when you fit the whole thing.

Less restriction in the front of the exhaust also helps enhance sound, as the original catalytic converter will act as a muffler. This combined with replacing all the original silencers and pipework ensures gives you the most control over the sound of the exhaust.

In concert with a higher stage ECU remap, a complete turbo-back exhaust can unlock huge gains.