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Data collection is as much a part of racing as hammering around the track as quickly as you can. In fact, without the data, you'll never know just where you can make improvements or how you're doing until the end of the meeting when the chequered flag drops. AIM Motorsport, one of the leading names in motorsport, produce an extensive range of data loggers and dash displays capable of recording accurate real-time data which can be reviewed by the analysts back in the pit at the end of a practice session, or displayed to the driver in real-time in the cockpit. Being able to see the current speed, position on the track, temperatures and how many laps have gone allows the driver to focus on the circuit ahead, knowing exactly how long is left in the race and whether they need to push for an overtake or bring it safely home. AIM data loggers and dash displays are easy to fit and even easier to understand, providing clear read-outs inside the car that can then be downloaded in the pits to analyse performance and understand where on the track the team is lacking in speed. With an AIM dash display or data logger it's like having an extra member of the team on-hand to provide you with everything you need to know in one clear, easy to interpret manner.