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Bushnell Velocity Speed (Radar) Gun
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Bushnell is an American company originally founded in Japan in the 1940s who specialise in sporting optics including timing and speed guns used in the motorsport industry. With more than 60 years of experience in the industry, developing a wealth of different and innovative radar and timing products, Bushnell are now one of the leading brands in the market and a lot of professional and amateur racing teams put their faith in Bushnell speed guns when it comes to testing and race equipment. With speed and lap times of paramount importance, accuracy is key and it is the experience and expertise that Bushnell utilise that helps them to deliver every single time. Bushnell Velocity speed guns are easy-to-use meaning a member of the race team can sit on the pit wall with the point-and-shoot radar gun to clock the top speed as the driver or rider passes through with the speed shown on the large display.