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One of the leading names not only in motorcycle clothing and protection, but also in innovation, Dainese are constantly raising the bar in terms of what's possible. Founded in 1972 by Lino Dainese, with its headquarters still in Vicenza, the Dainese name is widely associated with some of the most forward-thinking and technologically advanced motorcycle leathers, boots and gloves using extensive research to provide riders with the most protective - and stylish - leather jackets and suits available. The technology used in the current range of Dainese motorcycle clothing is a long way from the first product the brand ever produced, a set of motocross trousers made from thin materials to give riders something specific to wear more than anything else! By the mid-1970s Dainese had started to partner with some of the biggest names in motorcycle racing and to use some of the most cutting-edge technologies and materials for improved protection and comfort. By the end of the decade Dainese had made their first iconic piece of protective clothing, collaborating with the late, great Barry Sheene to produce the first Dainese back protector which we now take for granted as being part of every motorcycle race suit or leather jacket. Next up on their growing list of innovations and firsts was the introduction of knee sliders into the leather suits and trousers which were first tested by Kenny Roberts Snr. The first pair of Dainese gloves was manufactured in 1989, using some of the finest leather to provide maximum grip and comfort for riders in all conditions; with the range of Dainese motorcycle boots following two years later. Perhaps their greatest innovation to date is D-Air, an airbag for motorcyclists designed to go off in the event of an accident to provide as much protection as possible right across the body of the rider. Since then the brand has gone on to continue its research and development of high performance, protective motorcycle clothing - even purchasing the AGV helmet brand in 2007 to combine the power of both brands for complete head-to-toe protection for all riders.