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Hearing is one of the most important senses and one of the easiest to damage. Exposure to prolonged periods of loud noises can have a significant impact on your ability to hear yet many do little or nothing about it. As adults we have a responsibility to protect our children's hearing before it gets damaged, and with so many different forms of ear defenders and ear protection available it's still baffling when you see children with their parents who are without ear protection in loud areas such as race circuits, paddocks and workshops. EDZ Kids have developed a range of ear defenders specifically designed for children that seek to drown out or dampen loud noises enabling children to attend race meetings and sit with their parents in either the grandstands, the banks or the paddocks without the risks associated with the loud noises from engines and power tools. EDZ Kidz ear defenders and protection come in various forms ranging from over-the-head ear defenders to small and subtle in-ear plugs; all of which can make a significant impact in reducing the risk of hearing loss.