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GT85 Lubricant
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Rusting metalwork, seized bolts and moving parts that don't move are a nightmare for drivers and riders forcing them to undertake actions that can have disastrous consequences if performed incorrectly. All too often the first step is to reach for a hammer to get things moving when, in actual fact, a penetrating spray or lubricant is a much safer and efficient solution. GT85, a brand owned by WD40, specialise in lubricant and sprays that can prevent rusting and free any seized components that affect the overall performance of your car or motorcycle. Versatile and suitable for use on all metal work and even painted surfaces, GT85 spray drives moisture away and even helps to prevent squeaking. A firm favourite in sheds, garages and professional workshops; GT85 lubricant can also help you to clean your car or motorcycle for a more impressive finish that restores the look of your pride and joy.