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Offering quick and simple, but highly effective solutions to problems with your car's tyres and brakes, Holts have built an exceptional reputation for themselves because of their extensive product range. Holts Tyreweld - the showpiece product - is an easy product to use and one that provides a fast repair to punctured tyres without even having to take the tyre off the car. Helping to reinflate it in a matter of moments, Holts Tyreweld is a temporary solution to your roadside problems, allowing you to reinflate and secure the tyre until you get home and to a garage for a long-term fix or replacement - which is far better than changing a tyre on a soggy, dark roadside we're sure you'll agree! Other products in the range including specialist cleaning products, like Holts brake cleaner, designed to give your brakes a thorough clean without affecting performance. You're always advised to keep your brakes in prime condition to maintain their performance and extend their life, but cleaning them can sometimes have a negative impact - when you use the wrong cleaners. Holts brake cleaner has been developed to remove dirt, grime and oil from your brake pads, discs and calipers resulting in instantly improved brake performance.