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A lot of power tools are made because brands feel they have to offer them to compete with rivals. In the case of Kielder it's a completely different story as Kielder tools are designed and developed out of a genuine need and passion for power tools that can be used in workshops, garages and pit lanes throughout the world. Based in Sheffield in West Yorkshire and named after a special stage from British rallying; Kielder was a brand that came about over several years of watching motorsport and the need for teams and racers to have a range of quality, reliable power tools they can call upon to make repairs and upgrades to racing parts. Products like the Kielder impact wrench, for example, have been designed with cars in mind so they can operate in awkward and tight spaces under the bonnet or around the chassis where other impact wrenches and power tools just can't reach. If you're involved in motorsport, in any way, make sure that your workshop or tool chest contains Kielder tools and you're sure to have what you need to get the car back out on track as soon as possible.