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Helping, as the name suggests, to lower your suspension for improved handling and performance in the corners, a set of lowering springs is a relatively straightforward way of improving your all-round performance whatever the road conditions. KW lowering springs are widely regarded as some of the best available and offer exceptional value for money because of their reputation for quality, durability, reliability and performance. Unlike many other brands, KW lowering springs are height adjustable so you can position each spring individually to improve handling according to the conditions - perfect for track racing - or until you find the ideal ride height for road use. Available in the form of full KW spring kits and coilover conversion kits they are fairly simple to install and replace the stock or OE springs and there's no need to replace the dampers saving you time and money. So, if you're looking for a set of lowering springs that firm up your suspension and improve handling, KW is the brand for you.