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M A Horne

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M A Horne Professional Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge
£275.45 Ex VAT £330.54 INC VAT
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MA Horne are specialists in tyre technologies having spent the majority of their years developing tyre warmers and heaters for racing cars and motorcycles. Used by a number of the world's leading race teams, MA Horne products help to ensure that the all-important contact points between the car or bike and the tarmac are up to the required temperatures to perform at the optimum level. MA Horne tyre warmers, as the name suggests, are wrapped around a set of tyres to bring them up to required racing temperatures while their range of gauges help to accurately read the pressures and temperatures to ensure that everything is ready to go when the flag drops. Used by numerous professional race teams, MA Horne digital tyre pressure gauges can accurately measure pressures to within 0.1PSI and can be used in various measurement styles including BAR and PSI to help you find the perfect racing tyre pressures.