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Founded way back in 1863 and starting out as producers of rubber and plastic products, the Metzeler brand started out slowly before making their advances into the tyre market. By 1890 they had started making products for the aviation industry, still based in their Munich headquarters, and it was only in 1892 - nearly 40 years after they started operating - that they began making motorcycle tyres. For the next 75 years Metzeler continued producing products for both motorcycles and the aviation sector before making the bold decision to focus solely on motorbike tyres in 1979, an approach they have stuck to to this day. Acquired by Pirelli in the mid 1980s, Metzeler tyres had become some of the most reliable motorcycle tyres available and now, backed by Pirelli, they continue to make advancements in the market with ranges covering road, off-road and track tyres. Models like the Metzeler Tourance tyre have been developed as touring tyres, giving riders the confidence that they can set out on a long distance ride knowing that their tyres are built to last and perform to the same high standards 300-miles into a journey as they did 3 miles into the journey, whatever the weather and whatever the terrain.