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What Michelin don't know about motorcycle tyres isn't worth knowing. A name known around the world and instantly associated with quality motorcycle tyres for all forms of riding, Michelin are continuously raising the bar in terms of quality and unleashing the latest technologies and compounds to make riding safer with each new set of tyres. Offering a range of track, road, off-road, commuter and adventure tyres; Michelin motorcycle tyres offer exceptional performance and reliability in all conditions whether it's a wet and windy day off-road or a dry and hot day on the track. The new range of Michelin Road 5 motorcycle tyres is perhaps their most advanced yet and a direct upgrade for the Michelin Pilot Road 4 collection. With improvements made in numerous areas, Michelin have ensured that riders maintain the same level of confidence in both wet and dry conditions, and that grip is maintained and brake performance uncompromised even around the 50% wear mark. For off-road riders, the Anakee Adventure is the latest off-road range of Michelin motorcycle tyres, a set of adventure tyres designed at a 80/20 ratio for on and off-road use. Offering exceptional traction and stability, the Anakee Adventure offers tremendous wet grip and confident off road traction, giving you with the ability to take your adventure bike and play both on and off road.