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What Michelin don't know about tyres isn't worth knowing. The French manufacturer is one of the largest in the world, providing car and motorcycle tyres that commuters, professional drivers, racers and riders can fit and trust before heading out onto the track or road. From all-weather road tyres like the CrossClimate car tyre to sport, touring, adventure and MX motorcycle tyres that give drivers and riders the traction needed to tip it into the corner at high speeds or enjoy a long flowing country lane; Michelin tyres continue to push the boundaries of what is possible making that the new standard in rubber. Every type of tyre that rolls off the production line is extensively developed - and tested to its limit by professional drivers and riders who provide expert feedback prior to those tyres making their way onto the roads and circuits around the world. This has helped Michelin to develop some of the motoring industry's leading road tyres for everyday drivers and riders, utilising all of the hours and development out on the track and bringing it to the world's roads and ever-changing conditions. As a result drivers have much greater grip, tyre life, handling and performance. Tried and trusted by professional racing organisations for decades, the Michelin name is infamous in the motorsport world and the latest collections of Michelin car and motorcycle tyres take the professional racing developments right down to the country roads and circuits.