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Milltek has invested more than 35 years into the development and manufacturing of their performance exhaust systems, drawing upon every ounce of their technical expertise to help drivers around the world to get the extra power required to bring a massive smile to the face of the public and shave seconds off their best lap times out on the track, too. This technical expertise is honed at the Milltek headquarters and delivered around the world, such is their reputation for providing such high performance exhausts for drivers. From brand new cat back exhausts that help to maximise the power output to catalytic converters, Milltek provide it all and leave no stone unturned in their search for perfection. Such is their dedication to perfection the brand is now known throughout the world with products on sale in 90 countries around the globe. Perhaps best-known for their VAG exhaust systems, Milltek exhaust products are tried, tested, tested again and trusted to ensure that they deliver exactly what is required when drivers are out on the roads - the best performance possible, from their own exhausts and the engines they partner with.